Malie Donn, Pablo YG Criticised For ‘Running Out Of Lyrics’ And Resorting To Capleton, Sizzla Songs During Sting Clash

Malie Donn, Pablo YG

Malie Donn and Pablo YG’s use of Capleton and Sizzla songs in their clash at Sting 2022, has not gone down well with veteran selector Foota Hype, who says the two are “the worst” and should be banished from music for ‘running out of lyrics’ and resorting to other people’s songs.

During their clash at Sting, which ended prematurely, Malie Donn, who is 20 years old, after doing a few songs, drew for Capleton’s 21-year-old song, Bun Out Di Chi Chi, which was recorded on the Boom Blast riddim a year before he was born.

In response, the 18-year-old Pablo YG chanted Sizzla’s 14-year-old song No Way on the Anger Management riddim, from 2008.

“Mi waa big up Sizzla and Capleton fi teck dah clash deh,” Foota said in his post-Sting commentary.  “Malie Donn, a you start it.  Mi hear di man seh ‘bun out di chi chi’.  Mi tink him did a use a one line an den guh inna him own lyrics… di man a sing out Capleton song,” Foota said in disbelief.

“Den Pablo now, inna di counteraction guh sing “no, no, no way’… Yow! It official: Malie Donn an Pablo a di worst artiste… Dem fi get expel outta Reggae and Dancehall… Mi neva si dah level a embarrassment yah when it come to a clash.  Yuh eva si two artiste clash an dem a use odda people song fi fight dem war?” he asked.

“Yuh nuh si di man dem run dung music, kidnap music an a poison music?  Yuh nuh si di man dem a crucify music worse dan Jeezas?  Last night di man dem come fi assassinate Dancehall enuh – Malie Donn an Pablo!” Foota continued.

Foota, who said he was happy Sting was held so that all sub-par artists could be held to public scrutiny, went on to rip into the two Trap artists, for doing what he considered the inexcusable.

“Memba, onnu caan vex wid mi.  A oonu do di worst ting inna music.  Oonu fi expel.  Every studio door fi lock pan oonu.  No producer nuh fi gi oonu nuh riddim; oonu nuh fi get book fi no show; oonu fi guh do carpenter work or mason work or chop e line an be scamma!  Leave music alone!” the Calabar High School old boy said. 

“Dat nuh have nuttn fi do wid Heavy D and Laing an Sting enuh.  Artiste dem nuh good!  Run outta b-mboclaat lyrics!  A wha happen to oonu?” he shouted.

Foota said that the two artists should be afforded no second chances by the music industry, and also be barred from media interviews and given no further publicity, as, according to him, their onstage display was sufficient proof that they are unable to carry Jamaican music forward.

“Any producer work wid Malie Donn an Pablo; any artiste work wid malie Don and Pablo; any promoter book Malie Donn and Pablo; any TV station interview Malie Don and Pablo; any police lock up Malie Donn and Pablo and dem put it inna paper, oonu fi lose oonu work! Di newspaper fi get lock dung!” Foota said.

“Di man dem sing two-two song each an nuh have no more song. And haffi sing – one sing a Capleton and one sing a Sizzla.  Den how dem fi a seh di new yute dem a di future when when  dem reach inna problem dem haffi resort back to di original ting dem?  Yuh nuh si seh dem new yute yah nuh meck it?” he said.

As he continued to vent, Foota said that he did not care if the two young men become upset with him.

“Dem nuh good!  Dem can vex if dem want: dem nuh good! Mi naw teck back dat!  Base pan wha me si last night?  Di worst clash eva in di history of Jamaican entertainment goes to Malie Donn and Pablo,” he declared.

“Both of you all should be expelled from Dancehall and Reggae music until eternity.  Even in the afterlife oonu must be blocked from Dancehall and Reggae; even in the Spirit world.  Even as ghosts…,” he continued.

Foota also said that he would be moving to delete any music belonging to Malie Donn or Pablo from his playlist.

“I am going to delete every song from oonu inna mi laptop, if there is any wid oonu.  I am sorry; I am not disrespecting you.  You guys have failed us terribly.  Dis is the lowest level a clash mi eva si from mi born,” the Dark Knight producer lamented.

“I Am just giving you what you deserve.  I have never seen in my 40-odd years of living in the face of the earth and going to clashes, going to stage show, see two artistes run outta lyrics an haffi use odda people song inna di clash.  Dat is a red card from existence,” he added. 

Foota was not the only person astonished with the two young artists use of the veteran artists’ songs in the clash.

“Disgrace tpc, the man dem all a sing other artist song… Jah Jah it no look good,” one commenter noted after watching the clash on YouTube.

“Pablo had one chance to end malie when him sing a next man song but instead him fawud wid a next man song as well. All him did haffi do a drop one of his songs and tell malie fi go find song. Now everything is just up in the air, clash yah never ready,” another man added.

As the expressions of bewilderment continued another stated: “Since when can you go to Sting and use another artiste song to clash’s ridiculous but Pablo yg has talent thou and me personally rate malie he’s a good artiste.”

Others found it amusing that the two had fallen short.

“Cyaa wait fi hear Malie new song “Bun Out Di Chichi, one man mocked while another added: “Bun out the chi chi nuh Capelton song ??? Bredda a weh dem young dj yah duh????”