TeeJay Shows Off Wicked Wining Skills With Ishawna

Ishawna, TeeJay

After the release of their very stimulating single MOOD last Friday, Dancehall aristocrats TeeJay and Ishawna are also trending in other avenues. The Up Top Boss shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the MOOD music video last night to show off his smooth and deadly wining skills.

We have never quite seen the Grimy deejay like this before, but we know bombshell Ishawna certainly has a way with the men. It seems she got this usually cool and collected thug to let loose somehow.

Even though we got a snippet of TeeJay’s wining abilities in the actual music video, he shared an even longer version on social media after, which was much more entertaining to watch and even got some excited ladies a little hot and bothered.

Ishawna was actually one of the first to react to his Instagram upload saying, “Boy waist a throw a piece a tantrum deh.”

Ishawna’s ex, selector Foota Hype, was also in the comments with, “Nose hole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuss mi hear that,” in reference to the song’s lyrics.

Then came the surge of flattery from several other adoring lady fans of TeeJay.

Sueqq Sherr said, “Lord r u seeing y uptopboss a mad mi out jah jah,” then Onlyjones added, “Me never know a so your waste did slippery,” and Shay Bae chimed in with a similar sentiment, “Suh bwoy waistline did flexible.”

Many lauded his surprising agility, like Shanzze_rebirth, who noticed how much better he was than his singing partner, she said, “Teejay wine harder than Ishawna enuh,” and Bosslady Bebe shamefully admitted she was no match for the deejay, saying, “Uptop boss wine better than me.”

Another chose to take a cheap jab at TeeJay while quoting a popular rhyme in one of his songs, “Whole time we a “bubble we body fi d uptop boss” when a d uptop boss should be bubbling for us,” she said.

It looks like The Up Top Boss is summing up to be the latest heartthrob in Dancehall. He was recently picked up in the news for his transformational slim and trim physique, having shed a couple of pounds.

Fans of dancehall artiste are now calling him the ‘Tall and Skinny Boss’ following new photos that emerged on his Instagram page a week ago. “Dah slim dung yah a buzz a way yerr,” said one admirer, “Loving u slim look Uptop boss,” said another.

Watch the video clip TeeJay’s slippery waistline on his IG page here –