Bounty Killer Says One Drop Reggae Album Will Be Titled “Instant Classic”

Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer has decided that the name of his upcoming one drop Reggae album, which is slated for release later this year, will be Instant Classic.

The Warlord made the snap decision during an interview with Joy Daily TV, a snippet of which he shared on his Instagram page a few days ago.

“Well, currently I am working on a Reggae album. All Reggae. I have never done a full Reggae album. It’s the era of mostly Trap Dancehall and everybody is trying new vibes. Reggae needs to get that support as well and then the last few years people a talk bout Reggae dead and dis and dat and give thanks to YG Marley come show dem up and show Reggae is alive and well,” Bounty explained.

Bounty also revealed that the album would be produced by his longtime friend Jazzwad, who was the mastermind behind his breakout hit Coppershot and also the engine behind the instrumentals of The Christmas Carol, the General Riddim, Cellular Phone, More Gyal, and Book Book Book.

“It will be produced by Jazzwad. And he has been with me all of my career. Its all about the Reggae album now. Instant Classic. That’s what I think I am gonna call it; the title – Instant Classic. Yes,” he said.

Bounty first announced the impending album, which he described as “straight one drop Reggae,” in September last year. He also revealed that it would possibly have 16 songs. At the same time, he said that the release of his long-overdue album, King of Kingston, had been indefinitely pushed back.

He had also said that he would definitely have collaborations on the album, among them features Marcia Griffiths, Richie Stephens, Jah Vinci, Olaf Blackwood which had originally been intended for the King of Kingston album.

“Collaborations will always be on my album. I am not doing no album all by myself… It is not gonna be too much collaboration, but there is gonna be a few collaborations,” he explained at the time.

Since his explosive debut on the Dancehall scene in the early 1990s, Bounty Killer has released several studio albums, including Ghetto Dictionary: The Mystery. This album boasts 20 tracks, featuring hits such as Mystery, High Grade Forever, Sufferah featuring Wayne Marshall, Pot of Gold featuring Richie Stephens, Arrow, and the title track Ghetto Dictionary.

His first album was the 15-track Roots, Reality and Culture was released in 1994, and included hits such as Kill for Fun, his breakout song Coppershot, Spy Fi Die and Gun Thirsty. That same year he followed up with the Down in the Ghetto album which featured 14 tracks including How the West was Won, Inspired by God, Defend the Poor, Dead this Time, and See you no more.

In 1996, he released No Argument on the Greensleeves label and My Xperience, which was released by VP Records.

No Argument achieved significant success with hits such as Scare Him, Seek God, More Gal, Mama, Miss Ivy Last Son, and Action Speak Louder than Words. My Xperience comprised 20 tracks, including Fed Up, Guns and Roses, The Lord is My Light and Salvation, and Benz and Bimma.

In 1997, his King Jammy-produced Ghetto Gramma was released with 20 tracks, among them Smoke the Herb, Book Book Book, Report You Missing, Fear No Evil and Income.

Next Millennium which followed in 1998 had 13 tracks including Eagle and Di Hawk, It’s a Party featuring Wyclef Jean, Can’t Believe Mi Eyes, and Reggae Party, a collab with Third World and Shaggy.

In 1999, the Warlord unveiled The 5th Element, an album that included Dave Kelly-penned classics such as Anytime and Look, both of which were banned from radio play. The album also featured notable tracks like Bullz of Chicago and the title track 5th Element.