Anthony B Talks ‘World A Love’ Tour, And New Song ‘Blessings Ah Flow’

Anthony B

Rastafarian firebrand Anthony B knows the importance of touring as a major tool in the world of reggae music.

“It is necessary to tour that’s what help make Bob Marley one of the biggest reggae artists in the world,” Anthony B told DancehallMag.

The Raid the Barn singer is aware of rumblings among European promoters who complain that a number of emerging reggae artists are unwilling to do annual tours to galvanize their fan bases, while simultaneously jacking up their performance fees. He believes that the practice is self-defeating.

“Touring helps create to better understanding of the music among diverse cultures, and also help to build a bridge for the future of the music, everyone has their rights and their views but it’s my experience that it adds to the artiste’s appeal,” he said.

The appeal of reggae music was built on the backs of touring acts such as The Original Wailers, UB40, Big Mountain, Burning Spear, Inner Circle, Third World, Gregory Isaacs, Toots Hibbert, Ken Boothe and John Holt, who did a lot to popularise the artform.

In the month of April, Anthony B’s World A Love tour took him to The Netherlands in Europe, then Grenada, then Costa Rica in Central America, then dates in the cities of Tulsa and Little Rock in the United States. He will head to Dakar in Senegal on the continent of Africa for a show on May 11.

Asked if it wasn’t a tough decision to tackle such a tough touring schedule, he said: “No, it was not difficult for me.”

“I see the reality of my life and mission, and I came to the realization that the true purpose of my talent is to be a inspiration and instrument for the Creator so I only give thanks, humble myself and am truly grateful I was chosen and saved by His grace,” he said.

His latest single is Blessings Ah Flow.

“The inspiration behind blessings ah flow is looking at everything in my life right now and where I am coming from it could only be blessings nothing else in a time where nobody want to plant the corn but everyone want to raid the barn,” he said.

The video was shot in Goa, India.

“The experience was amazing, going to India as the first Jamaican artist, I also see it as an incredible opportunity, an inspiration of bringing two cultures together. Goa reminds me a lot of Negril,” she said.

The song is a stand-alone project that is not tied to any upcoming albums.

“I am in studio now as we speak working on my next album,” he said.

Anthony B believes that there is a bright future for reggae in the Asian country of 1.4 billion people. The government’s finances are stable despite a painful pandemic and India surpassed the UK as the fifth largest economy in 2023, and according to analysts at Morgan Stanley, it’s on track to overtake Japan and Germany and hit the third spot by 2027.

“The state of reggae in India is one of a bright future. There is a big untapped potential for reggae music, there is a lot of sound system coming now in India dub plates, the Jamaican dancing style is gaining popularity and it’s there just to be capitalized on,” Anthony B said.

After the Dakar show, Anthony B will jet off to City Splash in the UK before a series of shows Austria, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland in June before returning to Jamaica for the Reggae Sumfest show in July.

“I am a citizen of the world,” he said.