Mr. Lexx Launches Diggy Nation Clothing Line

Mr.Lexx in Diggy Nation shirt

Dancehall artist Mr. Lexx has launched his own clothing line, Diggy Nation, inspired by his personal swag and penchant for fashion.

The Full Hundred, Good Hole, Cook, and Ring Mi Cellie hitmaker shared with DancehallMag his long-standing aspiration to create a fashion brand. “I’ve always wanted to do a line. People always compliment me on my swag, and it has always been a way I have used to express myself,” he said.

“I do T shirts for male and females ( unisex), tank tops for females, bandana, hoodie. I’m just going to take my time and launch into other stuff,” he added.

He did not take all the credit for the designs for himself but highlighted that it was a team effort between himself and his partner Marisca Wong of 0oh_lalla_creative_designs.

Addressing the challenge of balancing his music career with his new fashion venture, Mr. Lexx attributes much of the operational success to Wong’s partnership.

Female model in Diggy Nation Shirt

He also pointed out that his apparel is affordable and trendy.

“People always think higher quality means a higher price tag. That’s not the case with us. The cost of our clothes is affordable and scaled to your budget and the quality will always be higher than the price tag. Our customer service is also outstanding,” he said.

He urged customers to visit his website to view the variety of products to choose what suits their styles.

“Yeah, all they gotta do is hit the website and my peeps in Kingston will handle it,” he said.

“We don’t have a physical store yet jus online for now. Our base is in Florida and delivery is free in the US. As for JA, I do have a contact there so persons should just order online and within three days they will have it in Jamaica,” he added.