Tosh Alexander’s ‘Cum Yah’ And 8 New Dancehall Songs For Your Playlist

Tosh Alexander

Top new releases for Dancehall playlists everywhere have come this week from Govana, Alkaline, Daddy1, and Rhumba, who have all shared accounts of gloom and despair in their new tracks, while others like Tarrus Riley and Tosh Alexander share more vibrant moods. 

Tosh Alexander – Cum Yah

Dancehall singer Tosh Alexander takes to Portland, Jamaica for some picturesque backdrops in visuals for her new single Cum Yah, which were directed by Rogen “Ruption” Walker. She re-creates a notable scene from ‘Coming To America’ on the Rio Grande and dances among a blazing bonfire with a crew of shirtless men in another, while talking a big game.

Stacking up the commas. Can’t touch this like MC Hammer, 90’s Dancehall bad like Shabba. Wear mi owna tings, good gyal don’t borrow. All a mi links dem a shotta like Spragga  

Govana – God N Gun

In the first release off his God N Gun EP, Govana brings light to the life that some people live in the gritty parts of town. The only way to survive is with “God and Gun” he sings.

Rhumba – Robert Johnson

Dancehall singer Rhumba has an introspective new track that takes listeners inside his mind while he struggles with a “mental disorder.” Gripped with thoughts of revenge after losing his brother, the artist toils with the devil in the Khingcam – directed music video to decide his next move. “Mi ah reason wid the devil but ah liad, him ah say mi nuh fi keep God up in a mi prayas but the journey start, so tell mi how mi fi retire?” he says in the verses.

Tarrus Riley – BabyBlue

Tarrus Riley is so smitten and in love with his BabyBlue in this new Don Corleonie – produced single. The track radiates uplifting melodies while ‘Singy Singy ‘Tarrus does what he does best. The visuals show the entertainer pulling out all the stops, from penning her a love song and setting the mood with candles and rose petals, to calling up his band for a private performance – watch below:

Kash Promise Move – Pretty She

Kash Promise Move has been enamored by ‘Pretty She’ in his latest release. Produced by HeartStoppa Da Label with visuals by Blacq Road Media Film, the Dancehall star frolicks in the wilderness with a fictional feline temptress as his muse.

Minister Marion Hall – Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings

Minister Marion Hall is addressing some pressing rumors in her latest release Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings, most of all: “I did not die!”

Tapping director Bloozick Filmworks for the accompanying music video, the former Queen of Dancehall uses the opportunity to show the masses just how well things are going in her life. “Sorry to hurt your feeling, as you can see I’m still alive mi nuh broke dats a lie cause mi daddy rich suh mi rich, we own mansion in the skies,” she sings while a private helicopter whisks her away into the ether.

Daddy1 – Pain

6ixx artist Daddy1 is back on the scene with a new track about Pain. Consuming thoughts of vengeance and the sounds of sirens are hard to shake, he says. “They don’t know what this pain feel like, mi drink and smoke fi avoid real life fvck the world, mi heart deh pon safety, and the burden get heavy and weighty, ah di craven-a and weed dat a save me” – Watch the Dark Moon Cinema video here:

Chronic Law – FOUR Four

Chronic Law brings a “western mix wid a likkle duppy show” in his new Digital Productionz-produced track FOUR Four. The Law Boss paints a picture of mayhem and bloodshed by his own undertaking and choice of weaponry. “We do killing and proud the ‘Four Four’ ah glisten, mi kill dem and skip prison.”

 Alkaline – Lone Madness

Taking on the issues of crime and violence among the youths in these “bloody streets,” Alkaline details a series of unfortunate incidents in his new single Lone Madness.Many cry in these bloody streets, many come and go some gone under earth and nah come back,” are snippets of his lyrics in the GreyHut and Autobamb – produced single. Listen more below: