Spice And Boyfriend Justin Budd Exchange ‘I Love You’s’ In First Instagram Live Together

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Spice, Justin Budd

Queen of Dancehall and Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Spice and her boyfriend Justin Budd are still going strong.

The Watch My Life singer may have had to postpone her appearance at the all-white affair, ‘Kotton’ in the Bronx, New York last night (July 17) but she sure gave her online fans a little entertainment with a first-ever seen Instagram Live with her beau Justin Budd to fill the gap.

After Spice’s performance was interrupted by what she says were “rain, storm, thundah”, she apologized to her fans but assured them that the date would be rescheduled for another time.  The LHHATL diva then decided to have a little chitchat with a few of her followers to pass the time when her video producer boyfriend Justin hopped on the Live.

An evidently smitten Spice, exclaimed “Baby say bring that as- home” as Budd appeared on the screen.

“I wish I was home locked up with my baby,” Spice continued to say. Budd responded, “I’m just here waiting on you.”

Spice, Justin Budd

The rare online exchange between the two would go on with Spice telling her beau, “Baby I miss you” and how much she wished she was wrapped up in bed with him at home in Atlanta.

“What you waiting on,” Budd replied, and a nervous Spice tittered, “You want me to come tonight?”

He continued to emphasize that he was “In the bed waiting,” which just sent Spice berserk, “That’s it! Mi a come off a Live now and find my as- home right now. I’m a call the jet and check it out, ah haffi come home right now. Mi can’t stay a New York a next minute.”

Giving the fans even more entertainment, they continued in flirtatious banter, telling each other how much they missed each other, before exchanging “I love you’s”.

“I love you too Rasta Pasta”, screamed Peaches, Spice’s makeup artist in the background, which had everyone in the room erupting in laughs and Spice sending a message on her Live to Peaches’ husband to keep a close eye on his wife.

Watch the rest of the Spice’s spicy Live with her Rasta here:

Spice’s upcoming debut album 10, which is executive-produced by Shaggy is slated for release on her 39th birthday on August 6. She officially shared the cover art for the album this week.