Spice Gets Called Out By LHHATL Co-Star Akbar V

Spice, Akbar V
Spice, Akbar V

Queen of Dancehall and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) star Spice was the target of a heated rant recently made by fellow cast member Akbar V.

Akbar, the self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta, took to social media to sound off on alleged statements Spice made about an altercation between herself and Instagram model Alexis Skyy (who also appears on the Love & Hip Hop franchise) over the weekend.

It seems Akbar had a bone to pick with the Jamaican Dancehall star otherwise and held nothing back to let her know. “I’m just tired of other people being by you, why when Spice say something to me I cant say nothing,” Akbar argued before dishing a slew of defamatory names to style Spice.

She also argued that Spice shouldn’t be calling herself the Queen of Dancehall because that title belongs to the former monarch, Lady Saw.

“I don’t give a f–k, you’re not the Queen of Dancehall bi–ch, Lady Saw is bi–ch! That’s the only bi–ch we respect over here, Lady Saw! You don’t even get that type of love over there like Lady Saw … she’s the original one, not you!” Akbar continued.

She then proceeded to egg on the Under Fire singer, saying “yeah I said it, and what you gonna do about it?” as if she was finally getting a huge load off her chest.

The two co-stars, Spice and Akbar, have been at each other’s neck during the last seasons of the LHHATL series. Akbar, in particular, has had violent feuds with cast members, Tokyo Vanity, Sierra, and Shekinah as well.

Spice hasn’t publicly responded to Akbar’s latest attack but the fans are coming out to defend their favorite Dancehall star.

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about so just leave it @ that. She’s the one with the struggling career. I hope Spice doesn’t even give her the time of day. Prime example of bitter people. Shes just jealous,” said a Spice supporter.

Others agreed, “This woman is unable to not be involved in drama … I truly believe she thinks this will help her career. The bitterness is something else,” and “Akbar is a very sad and miserable individual. Even after all her surgery her music continues to fail and so does she as a person. She needs to focus on being a better mother to her children she doesn’t have custody of.”

One fan wasn’t about to make anyone bad mouth the reigning Queen, “If u did Respect lady saw any at all you wouldn’t be calling her name right now. knowing the lady change are life. U fava like when mangoose a cross rd. leave spice alone. Mouth fava like when bottom nuh wipe Good!!”

Spice is evidently unbothered by all the fuss and is out and about, sharing on an Instagram Live earlier, her scrumptious dining experience at one of her fav spots, Living Room Bar and Dining. Even as fans prompted her to respond to Akbar during the live, she chose not to give it any notice.

She’s celebrating what has become her widely successful new release, Go Down Deh, which features Dancehall titans Shaggy and Sean Paul. The track is still Trending For Music locally on YouTube at no. 22 and has racked up a whopping 10.4 million views since it dropped a month ago.