Alkaline Gets Billboard Plaque For ‘New Level Unlocked’ No.1 Debut

Alkaline (Photo by Caviir Creative)

Dancehall artist Alkaline has received a Billboard plaque for his 2016 album New Level Unlocked which had debuted at No. 1 on the Reggae Albums Chart.

On behalf of Alkaline, his sister and manager, Kareena ‘Kereberry’ Beckford, took to Instagram to show appreciation to their Vendetta fans and to direct attention to the 27-year-old deejay’s upcoming sophomore album. “To the fans I appreciate y’all…Let’s prepare ourselves for another 1. Love all of you,” Beckford wrote in a post yesterday, alongside a photo of the plaque.

New Level Unlocked sold 741 copies in the first week and debuted No. 1 on the Reggae Albums chart on April 16, 2016, exactly five years ago today.

It was the first Dancehall album to accomplish that feat since Shaggy‘s Summer In Kingston EP in 2011.

Executive produced and released by DJ Frass, the 15 track compilation featured standout tracks such as Champion Boy, City, ATM, Conquer The World, and Tom Taam.

Alkaline’s New Level Unlocked Billboard plaque: “Presented to Earlan Bartley to commemorate the #1 album New Level Unlocked on the Reggae Billboard chart”

His follow-up album, Top Prize, was announced in February with an expected release date of Spring 2021. Alkaline has explained that the album’s title “represents when you win a competition, basically, showcasing victory against all odds.”

“This album is timely with the opportunities I have been given, lessons learned along the way, my personal growth and experiences … experience teaches wisdom, so, it is only fair that I bring everything full circle.”

Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, added that fans can expect “everything from meditation while bunning a spliff an’ ah easy, that is, conscious songs to chunes for the girls to dance to, getting rich and making money.”

“It’s a variety of songs and crazy vibes. It’s like the ultimate prize for me, and that’s what I am giving as well, and once the Vendetta fans them happy … me will happy.”

The Top Prize album will feature just 14 tracks.

“Me did wah put more chune but management say save it for a next album. So, we focusing on the top prize, cause we nah stop rise (laughs),” he said.

The title track and lead single, Top Prize, has already been released.