Shenseea Yearns For Australia Trip To Pet Camels And Touch Lions


Dancehall artist Shenseea has set her sights on an Australian trip and knowing her, she usually does what she wants.

After visiting with camels at Hope Zoo in Kingston yesterday, she shared the experience with her Instagram followers, expressing a longing to submerge herself in the wild outback of the Great Southern Land.

It seems the ShengYeng princess is a lover of the dromedaries, a species of feral camels distinct to Australia, they are recognized for having one hump on the back and large even-toed hooves. A carefree Shenseea was seen feeding and petting one of the giant-sized mammals today at the zoo and later playing and taking him for a walk as if it were a mere dog.

“BEAUTIFUL I can’t wait to go to Australia ,” she captioned the post. Clearly wanting a more immersive experience at the motherland of these creatures.

However, one confused fan asked her, “What’s camels got to do with Australia?” which motivated a snarky response from the Dancehall singer. Shenseea wrote back, “What me wanting to go to Australia got to do with camels?”

The funny remark triggered several other responses, some that said they understood the confusion. “@shenseea well u did say u cant wait to go Australia while showing the so I’m sure people going to be confused even thou is more Egypt then Ausi,” said one follower.

Others were eager to clear up the misperception and share that there are in fact camels in Australia. One person dropped some knowledge on those that weren’t so privy on the details, “Australia got the largest population of Camels.”

But that’s not all Shenseea wants to see, someone asked her, “What about the animals that eat humans…” to which the Bad Habit singer replied, “I know but I’m dying to touch a lion.”

Shenseea is certainly living out her dreams of late and going for what she wants.

After recently acquiring a hillside real estate, snagging her 9th endorsement deal with Carib Beer, buying a new Chevy truck all in this month, you can sure bet, she’ll be frolicking with camels and touching lions anytime soon.