Barrington Levy Fans Cautiously Optimistic About Upcoming Album Collab With DJ Khaled

Barrington Levy, DJ Khaled

Veteran Reggae artiste Barrington Levy has teamed up with American producer DJ Khaled on a new album, which, based on utterances from Khaled himself, is nearing completion.

The Living Dangerously artiste made two posts on Instagram of himself and the producer in studio recently, which set fans’ tongues wagging, most in support, including his musical compatriot Stylo G, while several gave it the thumbs down claiming Khaled was unworthy.

“In the studio w/the BEST. Good vibes and much love always. Heat coming your way, be on the lookout!” Levy posted before adding “Just wait for it, it’s going to be grande #virus #barringtonlevy #reggae #live #2020,” on the second post.

Levy, who is rated one of reggae’s greatest vocalists, has the distinction of also being the first original singer of the early Dancehall era.  He exploded onto the music scene as a teenager in 1979 when he recording several songs for late producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes which became hits, including Shine Eye Girl, Ah Yah We Deh and Looking my Love.

His other big hits include 21 Girls Salute and Under Mi Sensi, Black Roses, My Woman, Looking on The Telephone, What kinda World, and Mind Your Mouth.

Levy also charted in the 1990s with his huge collaboration with Bounty Killer Living Dangerously, in 1996, as well as the single Work in 1993.

Khaled also made four posts regarding the album on his personal IG page and another on his We the Best page where he also received a slew of salutes and endorsements from fans.

“Album mode! In studio wit the legendary @BarringtonLevy41.  At this moment we listing to vocals that just got cut .  Luv always KHALED KHALED,” he wrote.

Many of Levy’s IG followers toasted the two artistes, referring to them as legends and other niceties, while some like yriconmylip gave the collab the thumbs up and said they were waiting with bated breath, for its release.

“@barringtonlevy411 can not wait to here this collaboration! So good to see you working away, creating timeless music for the people dem! Saw you after years n years of waiting (few cancelled gigs) at Brixton academy short but sweet! Take care,” yriconmylip said.

However, there were others who met the announcement by the Prison Oval Rock singer with much disdain.

“Khalid is awful for any culture he produces music that makes the community look like trash,” one follower, ranking.kobe wrote.

There were also some fans like mala_mala_moon who said they were petrified that Khaled’s recurring “we the best” ad libs could water down whatever songs the Black Roses singer was voicing, in spite of it being dubbed “one of Hip Hop’s best ad libs” by Billboard Magazine.

“Your music was and is always awesome. Please don’t let Dj Khaled scream “we the best music” in your songs,” he cautioned, before adding: “too many fire songs have been f__ked up because of it, DO NOT DO THAT WITH REGGAE.”

Other fans such as pierre.guillory, and lastcoast in voicing their misgivings, were much more caustic.

“I was gonna say that Khaled needs to chill with all the gloves n the mask.  Lol.  But maybe the mask will keep him from yellin a bunch of nonsense into the mic, pierre.gillory jeered, while lastcoast issued another warning to Levy, which he said he hoped the 56-year-old would heed.

“Mr. Levy U R the #talent #inspiration #lyricalgenius don’t let LOUD n HALLOW mess up your ageless music #DJKhaled #lame #notasoloartist #colabsonly #leach,” he remarked.

Others like kingishtahofficial said Khaled should “be honored and feel absolutely privileged” to be in the company of Levy, while blackuniversityco admonished the Palestinian-American, warning him to ensure that the Clarendon native benefits handsomely from his intellectual property.

“DJ Khaled, make sure this man is paid properly for his work! He has helped generations and you wouldn’t be able to have the music you have… Without him!” he declared.