Popcaan Shouts Out Chronixx During Virtual BBC Performance

Popcaan, Chronixx

Popcaan’s first performance after nearly nine months of lockdown was a delightful acoustic medley on BBC Radio 1Xtra. The Black music radio station and digital urban contemporary outlet featured the 876 GUD in their ongoing live set series which has gained traction following quarantine restrictions. 

His lively, exclusive 20 minute set including the hits Buzz, Numbers Don’t Lie, Mamakita, Canary, and others were added to BBC iPlayer on October 18th. Clips are already making the rounds on social media, adding even more steam to his weekend releases with OVO affiliate Preme, as well as Maroon 5

The live band brought an infectious vibe with the accompanying instrumentals, seamlessly adding a reggae feel to the hardcore dancehall hits. The group comprised of guitarist Lamont Savory, Wade Johnson on keyboard, Adrian Henry on bass guitar, and Hector Lewis aka Roots Percussionist on bongo drums.

The latter is a noted musician in Chronixx’s ZincFence Redemption band, and Popcaan shouted out the reggae crooner after spotting the drummer’s branded gear. 

The Likes singer reshared a clip of the performance yesterday on Instagram, with the caption, “Unruly galaxy”.

Designed by Shari Bedasse of RD Studios, the minimalist set kept the focus on the music and artist of the moment. Sleek black background banners matched the Unruly Boss’ outfit and there was just enough space for his usual playful antics and moves.

Wrapping up the short set and before launching into Friends Like These, Popcaan said “Big up BBC, big up di band pon di stage, big up di whole ah mi family dem weh deh yah right now ah support dis to di fullest. Dem seh a wah, COVID-19? Jus gwaan protect unnu self an stay safe yuh zimmi. An big up mi fans dem worldwide, I’ll see you soon.”