Shenseea’s Mother Dies, Tributes Pour In

Shenseea and her mom

In some tragic news, Shenseea’s mother has passed away.

The grief-stricken artiste took to her Instagram to share the news and her feelings about the devastating event.

She said: “Mommy  my heart is BROKEN Mommy. broken. i never knew I had this much tears until this day! I ask God for strength just strength. I love you Forever #RIP #RIP #RIP my mada and fada ina one!!! Jah know mi mada i’ll never forget you EVER! i ask everyone PLEASE if you see me in person don’t remind me of this my heart is weary.”

The two were very close and there are many social media videos that show the extent and depth of their love for each other. As recently as May she shared a mishap involving her mom that left them stranded on the road and how much fun they had walking home.

In May, the artiste also shared her rags-to-riches story by taking fans on a visit to her childhood home at a time when she had very little.  “Mommy was a single parent and worked and lived in jobs so during high school years I moved back and forth between relatives just to get a place to stay…. then drop out a college ( financial problems)”, Shenseea said of her humbled beginnings with her mom.

It’s a tough blow for the artiste who is just 23-years-old.  The singer has never met her father, who is Korean, and left when her mother was six months pregnant, according to The Star.

Fans including fellow artistes were quick to offer up their condolences.

Spice was the first person to comment and she said: “ WTF OMG why mi a refresh mi page over and over to read again @shenseea I’m soooooooo Sorry #RI I’m lost.”

Her manager Romeich said: “Love u mommy” and Popcaan added: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jah know shen  jah jah.”

Ding Dong Ravers commented: “Jah jah sis ….. rip mamma sleep in peace ….. jah know sis hold it even tho mi know it hard”

Stefflon Don added: “Oh my God may her soul rest in peace sending you and your family love and strength!!!!! ,” and Trinidad based band Kes the Band, who has a single with Shenseea also commented: “Nothing will replace your loss in the physical existence . She now lives through you, closer than ever before , your spirit and vibe is a testament to that . Keep Keeping on  and carry her everywhere you go , in all that you achieve . Talk to her , she will forever guide you. Strength , love and healing.”

One fan said that they felt the loss deeply because of how close they knew the two were: “I thought I was the only one doing that. God ..the way I love you and your mom @shenseea it feels like my lost too I am praying hon for u because if I’m feeling this sad with this much tears I can’t begin to understand how u are feeling,” and another added: “Omg! God have mercy on your heart Shen!! My condolences to you and your family… keep strong! Ress up mommy!”

Details have not been released about her death as yet but form the photo shared with the post, which has already received support from close to 160,000 of Shenseea’s fans, it seems she was in the hospital. No doubt it’s going to be a tough time for the Shenseea and her family and we wish her heartfelt condolences.

There were some reactions to the Shenseea’s mother’s passing.