Spice Unveils ‘Mirror 25’ Album Cover On Good Morning America


Queen of Dancehall Spice unveiled the cover for her third album—Mirror 25– on ABC’s Good Morning America today.

She also announced that the 25-track project, executively produced by Spice via Spice Official Entertainment and distributed through Empire, is set for release on August 9, 2024.

As the title suggests, the album’s cover shows Spice standing on an elevated platform and fiercely looking into the mirror. Of course, she’s in different shades of blue.

During her GMA3 interview, Spice revealed that Mirror 25 will provide insight into her 25-year journey in the industry, from a young adult to the Grammy-nominated star that she has become.

“I’m kinda reflecting on all the things that I’ve managed to overcome,” she said. “You know, being in the business for 25 years, it’s an ever-growing business— it’s a male dominated business. To be there for 25 years, I know that I’ve there’s a lot of things that I’ve overcome. Just looking at it, and looking at myself in the future… where do I go from here. I’ve done so many things; so many accolades, so I’m just kinda reflecting on everything that I overcame.”

Mirror 25 comes after her debut, Grammy-nominated album Ten and her sophomore project, Emancipated.

After over two decades in the game, the singer, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, also shared that she had learned valuable lessons along the way that she wishes she had known sooner.

“I probably would’ve told her that people are going to come at you, do not answer ‘cause I answer them a lot. I probably would’ve told her that because my younger self didn’t know that being the Queen of Dancehall is gonna come with so much weight on your shoulders. I never expected to be as big as I am, so, I probably would’ve prepared her for moments like these,” she said during this morning’s interview, adding that she’s eyeing a collaboration with Beyoncé in the future.

The announcement of Spice’s album release date comes soon after the release of her first controversial single2085 Tea followed by her lead single, Round Round, featuring 12-time Grammy Award-nominated rapper Busta Rhymes.

The album is currently available for pre-order.

Spice has had four albums on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, including her sophomore studio project, Emancipated (2022), which peaked at No. 7, and her Grammy-nominated debut album, 10(2021), which peaked at No. 6. 

The singer’s Captured Mixtape (2018) had peaked at No. 1 on the Reggae Albums chart, while her So Mi Like EP (2014) peaked at No. 14.