Delomar RDX Gears Up For Solo Album Release: ‘Gyaliday (The Gyalbum)’


Dancehall artist Delomar RDX is preparing to release his highly anticipated solo album, “Gyaliday (The Gyalbum),” set to drop in the fall of 2024.

The project’s lead single is the already-released, Bare Gyal Want Me. The track, a refix, features a collaboration with 90s dancehall legend Harry Toddler, which Delomax believes, brings a nostalgic twist to the album while introducing a fresh, international sound.

Produced by Reckit Ralf Music and Amsterdam-based producer The Teacher, Bare Gyal Want We perfectly captures the energetic vibe that Delomar is known for.

“The entire album is a tribute to the energy and spirit of dancehall that has always inspired me,” Delomar shared.

Delomar, born Andre Bedward, has been a staple in the dancehall scene for over two decades.

Starting his career at the local production house Studio Mix, he co-founded the group Xsytment in the late 90s, which evolved into the world-renowned dancehall duo RDX in 2007. As part of RDX, Delomar created a legacy of hits that highlighted Jamaica’s social issues and got fans on their feet with infectious beats and rhythms. Now, as a solo artist, Delomar is poised to continue this legacy with a fresh, dynamic sound.

“Dancehall is missing that piece of the puzzle that celebrates women, dancing, and generally enjoyment and happy music.”

Gyaliday (The Gyalbum) will feature collaborators, including Bay-C TOK, Bounty Killer, I Octane, and Macka Diamond. The album boasts productions by Reckit Ralf Music, The Teacher, Y Rush Music, Ballaz Productions, and Ovation Lab, and is being distributed by Dutch label PM Recordings.