Minister Marion Hall Still Trying To Sell St. Ann Mansion To Settle Lawsuit

Minister Marion Hall’s St. Ann mansion.

Minister Marion Hall is still trying to sell her mansion in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, to settle a lawsuit related to a 2009 incident. The Supreme Court had ordered the evangelist to sell her property in 2020 to settle the judgement brought on by a helper who was attacked by her dogs. 

Once dancehall’s leading lady Lady Saw, Hall advertised the property on her Facebook profile on Thursday right after a virtual court hearing. 

“I’m selling this 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 1 powder room house in Ocho Rios,” the post, which listed the property as an AirBnB spot, read. “It’s no longer renting. It’s selling. For more information, leave your name and number on”

The update followed a tearful livestream where the Room In My House singjay described the plaintiff and her attorneys as, more or less, money-hungry liars. 

“Dem waan JMD$6M and a judge give them the right to sell my house, and even when they have the house and the title and everything and it’s signed off, he still allow them to be taking almost a JMD$1,000 everyday, no matter how long dem have the house for,” Hall shared

The artist further claimed that this lawyer wants to sell her land, arguing that it will go faster than residential property. 

“This man ask the judge to sell mi land now, and the judge give him the right to sell mi land,” she said. “I tell him, ‘Tek it…sell it, because we leaving Earth with nothing’… She now give him the right.”

As Hall tells it, she was in the United States in 2009 trying to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization (IVF) when she heard about the incident. Hall said her sister hired the woman for “a day’s work”, and that her two dogs were locked away while she laboured. The dogs were released when the woman said she was finished and ready to leave, but Hall said she then returned to the yard to retrieve something, which is when she was attacked.

Hall said she was eager to assist the woman in any way, but would not yield to buying a car for the woman’s son, per his alleged request. She believes this triggered the lawsuit and narrative that the woman was her longtime helper.

Hall said she has paid the woman more than JMD$3M throughout the legal process, and even offered to pay an extra two. However, she said the offer was rejected by the plaintiff’s attorney.

“He wants JMD$3.5M more on what they got for dog bite when I was not a part of it,” she claimed. “They flip it and say it’s my place, it’s my land, so it’s my responsibility. God, you see and you know.”


The I’m Doing Better artist surmised that she is being judged based on her celebrity. 

“You look at us and you don’t know many times we can’t even pay we taxes,” she argued. “Many times we can’t even pay we light bill, but we dress up inna we likkle US$10 clothes and look good and you believe seh is a lot. People bless me with one likkle Gucci deh so, or one likkle red bottom and unno think seh is me buy it because mi have money. I live off grace and mercies.”

Though she says the experience has not hardened her heart, she couldn’t help but picture the bullet she would have dodged had her sister not assisted the woman. 

“If she didn’t stop and listen to your problem and try to give you that job fi the one day, you wouldn’t get to lie about me who was nowhere in Jamaica,” Hall said. “I had a passport that show I wasn’t in Jamaica for like six months. When I heard, you know, I was ready to help, but then your son inveigle you to leave the hospital and lie about me… I hope you can live with your conscience… That day when we stand before God and God said, ‘Why did you lie on her?… Why did you do such evil to her? Why did you tarnish her name over a lie?’, I hope you will have the right answer.”