Alborosie Shares New Album ‘Destiny’ With Buju Banton, Kabaka Pyramid, Jaz Elise


Jamaican-Italian Reggae artist Alborosie has released a new album titled Destiny, with a feature list that includes Buju Banton, Kabaka Pyramid, and Jaz Elise.

The 14-track LP, which debuted on Friday, May 26 via Greensleeves Records, VP Records, and Shengen Entertainment, reflects the artist’s signature sound, a blend of authentic Roots Rock Reggae and Dub.

The 45-year-old singer said he was inspired to present a body of work that is relatable and humble. “I cannot make music that reflects the non-relevant. My Reggae should relate to the present,” he said.

The lead single Viral, released on May 5, is a bass-heavy slice of contemporary Rub-a-Dub with a conscious look at social media and its purpose in modern-day society. Despite the allure of virality, Alborosie rejects it for himself, choosing substance over gimmickry.

The track is mixed and produced in Albo’s classic vintage style, with heavyweight bass, crisp drums, and sirens & effects echoing off into the abyss – Check out the video for ‘Viral’ here. 

Faith with Jaz Elise has a slow-tempo arrangement, which hits on a heavy baseline, and intertwines with Alborosie’s raspy-sounding vocals and Elise’s svelte tenors as they encourage listeners to have faith.

“When I wrote the song, I, you know, I was thinking about like faith in general, not only spiritual Faith but also faith in people for a better day, a better tomorrow,” the Journey To Zion singer said about the single. 

“So you must have faith in life, you know, and also be a little bit more spiritual, which is not a bad thing. Nowadays we are kind of losing touch with spiritualism and that is something necessary to survive. A little bit of spiritualism, it is necessary, so you must have faith in life, you know. I’m a faithful person. So I have faith and many times in my life, I said your faith is all I have. So, all I have is faith,” he continued.


As for how the two music talents got together on the song. “Jaz Elise is my friend, I call her Jazzy,” the For The Culture singer said. “I know her a long time and I’m a fan of her music. She’s very talented. I like to record people, especially talented people like Jaz, so It was a pleasure to work with her, you know, I’m looking forward to doing some, some shows together,” he continued.

In addition to Faith with Jaz Elise, the album Destiny boasts an impressive list of other Jamaican collaborators, including Kabaka Pyramid, Buju Banton, and Burro Banton. The compilation of songs explores themes of faith, life, love, and the power of music. 

In 2023 Alborosie will embark on one of his biggest tours to date, kicking off throughout May on the West Coast of America before heading to Europe in June, July, and August for festival season. His fans will be anticipating performances of new tracks from his forthcoming album, as well as crucial tunes from his vast catalog of music.