Kevin Hart Channels ‘Island Dave,’ Flexes Jamaican Patois On Bahamas Vacay

kevin hart
Kevin Hart

American actor Kevin Hart is soaking up some island vibes while vacationing in the Bahamas with his wife and kids. Hart’s Instagram shares over the last few days have been nothing but fun fun fun, from yoga sessions outside overlooking the ocean to jet skiing, tennis, and snorkeling with sharks at Compass Cay.

The comedian has adapted his moniker, ‘Island Dave’ who ‘never wears shirts and loves steam fish and okra,’ and by the way speaks Jamaican patois. Only a few will know that once the movie star is visiting the islands (any island) he’s no longer referred to as Kevin Hart but instead goes by his ‘island boy’ name.

“Island Dave here, Island Dave on an Island,” Hart says in his best Jamaican accent on a boat ride posted a day ago (July 20). Mad Cobra’s 1992 hit single Flex (Time To Have Sex) blares in the background and the funnyman continues, “Hey, lower the volume man, lower the volume…”

“Wha gwaan girl? Wha gwaan pretty gyal eh? Big up yuself gyal, yes, go get you some steam fish and okra, yes, some steam fish and okra girl. Wha gwaan pretty gyal.” But things took an awkward turn when he added, “Yes, go suck yuh modda!”

Kevin’s wife, Eniko Hart who is of Jamaican descent may have been the one to shout at him to “No, no no!”

“What, what … is that good or bad?” a confused Kevin replied, unaware that he just cursed out the “pretty gyal.”

It’s evident the funnyman needs a little more coaching in Jamaican patois or perhaps a little more etiquette in social conversation.

The introduction of ‘Island Dave’ came back in 2019, when Hart and his wife visited St. Lucia, he shared a few expressions he had learned in Jamaican lingo, throwing up phrases like ‘bax yuh down’, ‘suck yuh modda’, ‘rassclaat’, ‘bumbo’, ‘move and go weh’, and ‘my yute’. All of which his wife Eniko found hilarious but warned him, “No you cannot say that!”

My name is “Island Dave” ….. #IslandVerbalSwag”

The movie star’s well-deserved summer vacay has come shortly after wrapping up filming the movie Borderlands with Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett last month.

Hart played his first-ever “action star” role as a soldier named Roland, who is covered in muscles and tattoos. He definitely looks like the kind of guy you don’t want to mess with, which resulted from training with the best. Hart got weapons training, hand-to-hand combat training, and even worked with Navy SEALS.

Check out his shirtless picture while wrapping up production on the Borderlands movie here.

The actor and comedian has definitely been working over time in the last few months, as he also finished up filming The Man From Toronto as well as the TV mini-series True Story, not to mention the release of Fatherhood, which topped Netflix’s Top 10 list on Father’s Day weekend.

The Jumanji star even has more projects coming up, including a film adaptation of the board game Monopoly and Ride Along 3. He’s also acting as a producer on a number of his own upcoming projects.