Skillibeng Dragged After Announcing “Fake” ‘Crocodile Teeth’ Remix With Nicki Minaj


Skillibeng is being lampooned mercilessly by Dancehall and Hip Hop fans on Twitter after he shared a now-deleted post, pointing to a remix of his hit single Crocodile Teeth, featuring rapper Nicki Minaj.

Skillibeng’s fans had initially been in a celebratory mood yesterday (though shortlived) after the E-Syde artiste shared Crocodile Teeth remix artwork with Minaj’s name emblazoned on it alongside his.

“Skillibeng buss weh, we going to be hearing Brrp live at the Grammys y’all,” Taii_sho wrote over on Twitter where Rap Alert had made a post about the supposed remix, while Wray and Niece wrote: “Skillibeng took Nicki Minaj out of her hiatus. I will never mock another one of his songs again. It’s gonna be hard, but it’s a small price to pay”.

“Mi can’t believe how uno still doubt di possiblity of this track a international record label him sign to,” jahlal_h.t.b stated while wastedlike added; “skillibeng found 500k to pay nicki minaj for a verse. That’s real rich.”

Mjnaj is no stranger to Dancehall collabs.  Her first was a remix with Gyptian on his cross-over hit Hold You.  She has also collaborated with Sean Kingston for Letting Go (Dutty Love) in 2010 and voiced Gun Shot featuring Beenie Man in 2012.

Nicki Minaj

However, the rapper’s fans went on a rampage on Twitter, complaining for the most part that they were disappointed that she was coming out of her self-imposed hiatus to do a collaboration with someone they deemed to be an “unknown”.

“If you broke your hiatus for this unknown singer’s remix u must be out of your mind,” onikavoodoo said.

Over the last 24 hours, after getting wind that Skillibeng might have been bluffing, Nicki’s fans ripped into him on Twitter, labeling him, among other things, a clout chaser.

“Me seeing another clownshit… HE DELETED THIS POST and all ig stories about the crocodile teeth remix. He also BLOCKED the comment section… As Nicki said: “I’m not familiar with you.. don’t have a song with you”… @skillibeng and @richthekid you wanna say something guys?” ariannea wrote.

“We arrested him y’all. We also took the post down, thank us later besties,” barbz_police wrote.

Dancehall fans joined in the castigation and teasing, some referring to him as “Pillibeng” and stating that with his Brick Pon Brick antecedents, it should not be surprising that his own fans had got “chop”.

“For somebody who dj about scamming this isn’t a surprise. Scam him own fans,”
guyrory wrote, while Balla Sean added: “Skillibeng sing brik pan brik and people surprise dem get chop.”

“Mi see on Skillibeng IG 50,000 Comments and bad song Crocodile Teeth wid Him and Nicki Minaj drop only to know not a thing nuh guh so,” RealDJBobajoz wrote.   “Jah Jah this no nice at all him deven do song wid her but cover art n thing drop.”

One Jamaican fan acknowledged that Minaj’s fans would never let Skilli get away with seeking clout from their icon, as they took her music and image seriously.

“Skillibeng deven know he’s playing with the worst fan base on this God’s earth right now,” Jaheim declared.

Today, Zip FM reported that Skillibeng “sent his fans on “wild ride” yesterday, after “dropping appeared to be the cover art for the single, and alluded that he would release it if he received 50,000 comments under the post”.

“However, it seems it was more of a publicity stunt to get the attention of the rapper, because just an hour after receiving the 50,000 comments, the Deejay edited the caption and tagged Nicki Minaj,’ the radio station reported.