Govana Gives Real Talk On Women’s Influence In New Video For ‘POP’: Watch


Dancehall artist Govana knows all too well about that certain sway women have over men. In more ways than you can imagine, the deejay relays several instances of how a woman uses her influence on the opposite sex and sums them up in his new single, POP (short for ‘power of p—sy’). Produced by Emudio Records, the new release debuted today on Govana’s VEVO page and is already trending in Jamaica.

His spin on the title and hook of the song is a play on the old English adage, ‘power of the pen’ referring to the notion that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well in the case of Govy Govy’s reference, he says this particular part of the female’s anatomy carries a wealth of power and is in fact mightier than the sword.

The verses take the listener through several enlightening scenarios which leaves you unconsciously smirking. The power of the ‘p—sy’ Govana says makes a “gunman transform in a deacon” and makes “you love yuh side chic and hate yuh wife.”

It changes your life and makes you wise.  For any girl it can also afford her a house and a car, Govana deejays: “powerful and expensive, sugar daddy take care ah expenses.”


In a video production by RD Studio, the visuals find the deejay somewhat recapturing the ambiance of the olden time, doodling his message with an old fashion quill being dipped in ink. Several females lounge about in sexy lingerie to bring his words to life while assisting with verses for the song.

Press play on Govana’s POP above.