Shaneil Muir Is All ‘Talent Over Hype’ In Trending Song, ‘Yamabella’: Listen

Shaneil Muir

Dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir is making waves with her new single called Yamabella. The official audio of the track was released on June 18 on @ShaneilMuirVEVO and it is currently trending on YouTube Jamaica, at the time of writing, with good reason.

The term “yamabella” refers to female “yam heads,” a Jamaican term that defines a person who is foolish and easily manipulated. In this case, Shaneil sheds light on the “yamabellas” who let themselves get used, especially by men, and who do not stand up to their responsibilities or try to be independent.

In the song, the Top Gyal singjay lays down some of her principles regarding her values and ethics as well as how she responsibly maintains her assets. “I will never ever live fi impress people” she proclaims. “Talent ova hype.”

The artiste relates to her listeners by mentioning her humble beginnings and lets us know in the lyrics that she is staying rooted and not losing herself to success.

And mi neva born inah lace wig
Me still shop a dd’s and mi still shop a Macy’s
Nuh go certain places
Mi a gyal mi nuh frighten fi link and mi nuh frighten fi faces

Muir describes how the yamabellas behave:

Some a unuh don’t use conscience
Rather buy hair before yuh buy bed
Cock up inah man car before yuh put yuh kids before yuh
Big stinking yam head

The song, which is produced by Papi Don Muziq and Top Braff Entertainment, is well on its way to becoming Muir’s biggest release yet. She synchronizes with the riddim with her powerful melodic voice in true singjay style. The fans seem to agree with this in the YouTube comments section as they describe the song as fire.

Shaneil Muir was a top-five finalist in the 2016 Magnum Queen of Dancehall competition. She has made use of the platform to improve her songwriting and performance skills, as well as to establish important connections in the music industry.

The rising star is also making use of the momentum she gained from her recent track called 3D which gained nearly half a million views on YouTube and is currently a fan favorite.

Stream Yamabella below on YouTube and Apple Music.