Julian Marley Pays Tribute To Deceased Daughter

Julian Marley and his daughter

Reggae singer Julian Marley, took to Instagram (IG) to remember his daughter who died last year after she lost her battle with cancer.

In a heartfelt post on Monday (June 15), Marley said, “Let Jah be praised” as he shared a photo of Caveri Marley.

“The unblemished shall enter the kingdom of Zion, clean heart clean thoughts .. one of I guiding angels. Caveri Marley,” continued Marley.

Prior to his Caveri’s passing, Marley had in June 2019 reached out to his following on the platform to ask them to share cures for Glioma -which is a type of brain tumor.

He later revealed that his daughter’s illness was the reason for the post.

Following Caveri’s passing, Marley said it was difficult to speak openly about his daughter’s death, noting that it was a life-changer, further adding that he was not unique as many other families had gone through a similar ordeal.

“ I am just one to experience again – I experience through my father when I was five years old and bang and here we go with a little youth weh – it still nuh make no sense to me,” said Marley at the time.

Caveri Marley was a few months shy of her twelfth birthday when she died.